I’m our thomas — an artist (working primarily in mixed-media collage – with forays into drawing, iPhonography and other media) and a writer (poetry, haiku, etc.).

As a collage artist, I’m particularly intrigued by found objects, recontextualization, and the possibility inherent in our human detritus — trash, flotsam, ephemera. As such, questions around who or what bestows value on things abound in my process and work. Each of my collages utilizes recycled material nearly exclusively: junk mail, old book pages, product packaging, beach and roadside finds, discarded wallpaper, etc. While my earlier work was largely narrative in nature — presenting a story, as it were, in media res — my work has turned increasingly abstract. Regardless, I enjoy the process of re-imagining the place of disparate elements into a work that invites introspection and a rethinking of the refuse we generate.

As a haiku poet, I seek to bring to light unexpected connections and the elements of surreality that often attend our everyday experiences. I am inspired both by the Japanese forebears of the form and those currently taking the form in more daring directions. One of the beauties of haiku is its ability to hold many possibilities within a small and somewhat-prescribed form; I believe my own efforts reflect that reality.

As a photographer, I use only a phone’s camera, in keeping with an aesthetic of simplicity and in-the-moment responsiveness. I predominantly rely on the Hipstamatic app and square formatting. In many ways, my photographs bridge my collage work with my haiku sensibilities: an emphasis on the small or insignificant or out-of-the-way made central and of interest.

In all my work, the hope is that the viewer/reader sees the familiar in new, and empowering, ways, both within the context of my art and within themselves.

If you’d like to, feel free to email me.

Recent Exhibitions/Publication

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Purchasing work

Many of my collage pieces are for sale. Contact me to inquire.

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